Portfolio > If You Throw A Toy In JaIl Installation

If you throw a toy in jail, it was probably because of a tattletale.
Without fail, you will see all the other toys who couldn't skip bail.
Some toys have pigtails and others have long tails.
Some have big teeth and long finger nails.
Some might be male and some might be frail and some might just be a snail. All these toys fought tooth and nail, but still ended up in jail.
Toys can get caught for setting sail and hitting a whale or saying "for sale" on a stranger's white pale on the monorail. Some toys might steal from retail or simply hack a random person's email.
But to unveil the secrets behind bars with detail, you must inhale, take a step on the trail, and within two shakes of lambs tail, you can see what happens if you throw a toy in jail.