Portfolio > "Toys" of the Misfit Land

Most people use their garages for storing cars. Our family garage is full of boxes of junk that I use for art. My work is influenced by material specificity. My family collects objects such as old toys, games, fabrics, and etc. for me to sift through for my assemblages. I gravitate towards the bright color and various textures of the objects to create a feeling of sensory overload. By portraying this playfulness through objects and color, I can relate as a sense of empathy not as a reflection of myself, but a relatability to the childlike state in others.
Through the methods of collage, I create an examination of the home and childhood through an accumulation of objects, images and sensory experiences. These works juxtapose playful, childhood objects with analyzing past memories and becoming aware of the harsh realities of everyday life. These can be read as reflections of my own interpretations of family life while still embodying the critique of family values in our society.