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As an art educator, my goal is to improve the lives of others through the practice of sharing and receiving knowledge, regardless of age. Experiences guided by surrounding environments influences how a child learns to perceive life. I humbly want to be a guide to help each and every person I come into contact with as a teacher, to gain knowledge that benefits their individual lives on some way. As a teacher I wish to help my students grow in creative ways that contribute to the culture of society in concrete and kind ways.

As an art teacher, I will reference the ideals from the post-modern era of progressive learning. Because there is a constant change in experiences, there is constant growth in knowledge. Not every student will learn in the same way or come from the same background, therefore as a teacher I must be able to adapt and adjust to each students’ needs in order to e able to create an effective learning environment for all of my students. In relation to postmodernism, knowledge works on an endless continuum, there is no end to learning and there is not one way to learn. There will always be something that any one individual can discover and there are multiple ways to discover it; an ideal that I will enfold upon my students. There should be no limit to discovery, but rather regards towards the proper tools for prosperous realization. I will enforce the idea of learning to add to knowledge by placing higher priority on developing rather than determining intelligence by using specific measurement based on the subject I am teaching.

I will create a classroom environment rich with opportunities that will cater to all learning styles. I feel it is important that all students be encouraged to develop their individual talents as much as feel equal and respected in the classroom from their peers and their instructor. As a teacher I willI exemplify ways to show individuals respect by entrusting in them, while in the classroom so that this message will be passed on to other students. The goal will be to make each student responsible for themselves in support of an effective working environment for everyone in the classroom. My art room will be a safe place for students to come and be themselves, a place to enjoy while they create art in the best way that sees fit for each student.

As a believer that time is valuable and should be respected in the teaching of art. Therefore, strategies to promote individual growth should be implemented in every class, each day for the respective class or student. Each lesson can be accompanied by a real world scenario or relevant purpose to show greater understanding and achievements in individuals towards their work. It is not enough for an individual to just be considered smart, but rather a well-rounded individual with many social, emotional, environmental and personal skills. As a teacher I will work to develop lesson plans to support the development of all of the skills for my students.

Philosophy of Education